Alex Burkat

“Alex Burkat is no stranger to eclecticism. From his humble beginnings
as an electroclash live performer as Pfunkt in 2007, to his
exploration into darker UK centric and Detroit booty bass dubstep music
as Rx in 2009, Alex Burkat got his start exploring the boundaries of
electronic music intensity. In 2013, he shifted gears into the realm
of all things House, with his breakthrough record “Shower Scene” on
Mister Saturday Night Records. Since then he has been rocking lofts,
warehouses and intimate music venues all over the Philadelphia and New
York City area. As an extension of his eclectic mixed bag style of
deep house influenced club music, he has started the DJ party and mix
series Ancient Puzzle Arts, with Upstairs at the 700 in Philadelphia as his
home. Alex Burkat shows no sign of slowing down, as he has various
singles and EPs scheduled to drop in 2024.”