Vinyl Cutter Service

Our studio offers a quality and powerful vinyl cutter TT560 which makes it possible to achieve professional and loud sounding recordings.

If you would like to carve your own creations into vinyl for playing in clubs, making a limited series of some releases on your label, or just for fun – contact us and you will be thrilled by the result.

We prefer to work with already professionally mastered vinyl recordings.
If the music has already been mastered, for example, copying CD audio to vinyl or editing such master for vinyl – mastering is done free of charge within the price.
If the audio was not mastered at all, we also offer a professional vinyl mastering within our studio as well as complete graphic design & artwork creation for your record.

Write to us for more information. We look forward to your order.

Recording time:
As with cutting into a classic lacquer disc for subsequent pressing, it is also important to keep in mind the maximum time limit on each side of the record when cutting directly into vinyl. This way we can reach maximum possible volumes per side.

12″ The maximum recording time is 10 minutes per side. Or 15 minutes but a little quieter.
10″ The maximum recording time is 7 minutes per side. Or 10 minutes but a little quieter.
7″ The maximum recording time is 3.30 per side.

Price list

  • 12"
  • 1-2 discs: 1000 CZK / piece
  • 3-4 discs: 900 CZK / piece
  • 5-9 discs: 700 CZK / piece
  • 10–20 discs: 600 CZK / piece
  • 10"
  • 1-2 discs: 900 CZK / piece
  • 3-4 discs: 800 CZK / piece
  • 5-9 discs: 600 CZK / piece
  • 10–20 discs: CZK 500 / piece
  • 7"
  • 1-2 discs: 800 CZK / piece
  • 3-4 discs: 750 CZK / piece
  • 5-9 discs: 550 CZK / piece
  • 10-20 discs: 500 CZK / piece
  • Prices are without VAT.