Silhouette is a Czech producer and DJ based in Klatovy. His musical style is attributed to both ambient and deep/acid techno. In fact, Silhouette’s musical output blurs the boundaries between these categories. The released Album and EPs include melancholic and gloomy tracks, with atypically spacy atmospheres, and also veritable techno tracks that take you straight to the dancefloor. His releases found a home on czech labels Dirty Corner Recordings and Krmelec Recordings.

The debut album (and also the first vinyl release) “Lost In The Circle” was released in 2018 on Krmelec Recordings. In 2020 his catalogue will see Carelabel Records release “Hůrka”, his second full-length album inspired by his exploring of Šumava landscapes with lots of field recordings, organic sounds and atmospheres.

Silhouette is a member of the Nite vibes crew, which organizes club, warehouse and outdoor parties. As a Dj he focuses his selection on techno tools, melodic/hypno side of techno, house, breaks or ambient tracks.

Photo by JT Tomcik