MOVPIC COMP001: Isolation Scripts [ V/A Compilation ]

release date: 4 June 2020

World might change rapidly and in the matter of days. For many these changes might be distressing and radical. For others, on contrary, they might bring long-needed pause and time for reflection. Some might have gone inside of themselves. Some may will never come back.

This compilation represents the experience of isolation in many faces.
With this release Moving Pictures family is extended by welcoming 3 local artists – Name Does Not Matter, Snooze Lee & equi. Label’s original artists – Roman Rai & Täino are also introducing new faces in form of side-projects under new masks together with Milan Spiller and Elya Oblomova as “Echoes from Dust” and “Tar”.

Take each track as a separate story – standing on its own, yet so naturally connected with the rest. These sounds are for you. Find yourself or loose. The choice is yours.

Tracks written & produced by Ondřej Kopecký, Jan Dvořak, Martin Jánský, Milan Spiller, Elya Oblomova, Yunis Safarov and Roman Hořínek
Mixed & mastered by Roman Rai
Artwork by Yunis Safarov

Inspired by pandemics & distant sirens.
© 2019 Moving Pictures