MOVPIC VA004: Vernal Equinox [ V/A Compilation ]

release date: 5 May 2023

On the day of the vernal equinox, the world was awash in a riot of colours and sounds that defied logic and reason. The sky was a deep shade of purple, and the clouds were made of shimmering silver. The trees and flowers had taken on strange, otherworldly shapes, their branches and petals twisting and turning in unpredicted ways. People in this land had their own unique customs and traditions for celebrating the vernal equinox. Some gathered around bonfires, dancing and singing to ward off evil spirits. Others fasted and meditated, seeking clarity and renewal.

Moving Pictures label returns with its fourth Various Artists compilation that defies categorisation. Label brings together a group of artists from various musical backgrounds, with each artist contributing their own unique flavour to the story. Each track stands out on its own while also contributing to the larger narrative of the compilation.

Tracks written and produced by Dennis Pavoni, Pavel Houštěk, Pavel Matyáš, Vojtěch Smetana, Yunis Sfv, Ahonz & Annita Novákovi

Mixed & mastered by Roman Rai
Tracks “Sad Steel Drum” and “Fly By” mixed by Pavel Matyáš
Track “End of Zimah” mixed by anixtaaru and mastered by Lukáš Turza
Design & art direction by Yunis Sfv

Inspired by bloom and decay
© 2023 Moving Pictures