MOVPIC004: Roman Rai – Middle of Nowhere LP

release date: 13 September 2019

“To be in the middle of nowhere is like being everywhere at the same time. It is like the feeling of getting lost in the dance.”

Roman was driven by certain emotions and states of mind while working on the “Middle of Nowhere” album. Being his second solo album, Roman has been putting energy, thoughts and dedication into this work for some time. The compositions on this album ought to speak to different people on different levels. So be prepared to embrace these sounds on your own.

Original mixes written & produced by Roman Rai
Mixed & mastered by Roman Rai
Sax samples & feature play by Filip Markes
Original artwork by Pavel Holecek,
Artwork graphic design by Yunis Safarov

Inspired by lonely crossroads and steaming pavements.
© 2019 Moving Pictures