Vojtěch Smetana, better known as Smeti, is a music producer from Prague. His live sets
consist of a mixture of his own completed tracks and pure analog techno improvisation. When
performing, he primarily used products from the Swedish brand Elektron, along with many
other synthesizers. In his performances, you could often hear minimal and melodic techno,
but regardless of the genre, his sets were always filled with eclectic energy.
Vojtěch has never been particularly interested in DJing; instead, he has always aspired to
present his own music live to the audience and witness their reactions. His passion for
electronic music began during his early adolescence and has remained with him for several
decades. He began his creative journey with his first project, Anhedonia, where he combined
predominantly industrial and dark ambient sounds across two albums, drawing inspiration
from the harder experimental electronic music of the year 2000. Later on, he contributed
similar creations to the music library Studio Fontana under his real name while refining his
own sonic palette. Over time, he shifted more towards club-oriented genres, releasing tracks
influenced by modern Dub Techno, Future Garage, Deep House combined with electronic
music from the early 90’s like 808 State, Orbital, The ORB etc.
Meanwhile, Smeti continued to evolve and showcase his live sets. He released the album
“Moving Parts” on HRTL’s label Bűkko Tapes and a series of EPs under this alias on the
English label Oleeva Records. Smeti’s latest album, which he presented live this year, is titled
“Unforeseen Events” and was released on the XION label.
Lately, Smeti re-joined forces with Prague’s DJ and techno producer Dialect, and they finally
fulfilled their years of promises to create their collaborative live set. Their second joint
performance, which took place at the Fúze festival, confirmed that they complement each
other excellently, and their music simply resonated together. This year, they were the
supporting act for artists like Stimming, Luke Vibert, or Hannes Bieger.