Sosa’g is production project of two Prague Djs, Dj Chicco and Dj PolygonXY both
passionate about electronic dance music, house music, in particular. They have
been cooperating for more than 20 years and after long hiatus in the 2020 they
started producing their own tracks. Thanks to many years of DJing and sound
production experience they draw inspiration from music across genres. Their
repertoire includes calmer long rhythms, but also more progressive groovy tracks.
They love to experiment with sound material from both industrial as well as natural
sounds, trying to create their music to be fun while avoiding mainstream. In the
spring of 2023, they released two tracks as part of the compilation MOVPIC VA004:
VERNAL EQUINOX under the Moving Pictures label. Currently they have their disc
in the studio full of material for their upcoming Short Cuts album, which they’re as
excited about finishing as much as you.