In this section, you can get acquainted with audio services that we provide.
Our studio specializes in a variety of directions, such as Mixing and Mastering, Vinyl Cutting, Music Production & more.
Check the sub-section below for more info:

Mixing & Mastering

In our studio we will take care of a professional mix and master of your music projects.

We offer favorable prices, but above all a willingness to achieve the final result based on your wishes.

Our philosophy lies in the best basic mix. Mastering is a very important part of the process, but if there is no quality mix in the foundation of the track, then mastering is just a way of compromising.

Vinyl Cutting

One important part of our studio is a powerful vinyl recorder.

Do you want to play your freshly made track on vinyl at the upcoming weekend gig?

Do you want to have your digital album in a limited edition on vinyl, for example ten pieces?

There is a quick and easy solution.
For more detailed information about cutting, vinyl mastering and prices, contact us by email.

Production Courses in Ableton Live

The courses will help you in a variety of prospects.

Even complete beginners will quickly get into the Ableton Live environment. You will find out that it is quite user-friendly, so it will quickly ignite your curiosity.

You will learn about sampling, sound synthesis, space/dynamics, and how to tame your sounds without buying expensive tools.
Many things are learned along the way of working on your track.

More advanced students can bring their own unfinished compositions, which we can then complete together.


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