In this section you can explore audio services that we provide.

Our studio specialises in a variety of directions, such as Mixing and Mastering, Vinyl Cutting, Music Production & more.
Check the sub-sections below for more info:

Mixing & Mastering

In our studio we will take care of mixes and masters of your music projects.

We provide following services:

• Mixing and Mastering projects of any genre
• Overvoice Mixing and Postproduction  / even in 5.1 /
• Music Production for Radio and TV Spots, Advertisements and Jingles
• Film and Advertisement Postproduction

Vinyl Cutting

One important part of our studio is a powerful vinyl recorder.

Would you like to play freshly made track on vinyl at the upcoming weekend gig?

Are you interested in having your digital album on wax in a limited edition, perhaps ten pieces?

We provide a quick and easy solution.
For more detailed information about vinyl cutting, mastering and prices, contact us via email.

Production Courses in Ableton Live

The courses will help you in a variety of prospects.

Even complete beginners will quickly get into the Ableton Live environment. You will find out that it is easy-going and user-friendly, so it will swiftly ignite your curiosity.

Learn about sampling, sound synthesis, space & dynamics, and how to tame your sounds without buying expensive tools. As part of the courses, we will build a track from scratch and you will be able to “learn on-the-go”. More advanced students can bring their own unfinished compositions, which we can complete together. Learn more at

Studio Equipment

We have following equipment available in our studio:

Mothership : Macpro 5.1. 2x Xeon 6core 3.46Ghz, 64gb DDR3

Monitoring: Focal Shape 65, Adam P11, Focal Alpha 50, Senheiser HD25, Koss Portapro.

Audio Interface: RME Fireface 802, Mic Preamp TLA FatFunker.

Microphone: Lewitt Authentica LCT 640

HW Synths: Prophet 08, Nordlead 4, Roland XV5050, Alesis ION, Virus Classic, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Akai TimbreWolf, Orbit Dance Planet, Venom

DAW, Plugins & Reference

DAW: Protools, Ableton Live

Important Plugins: Oxford Limiter, Precision Limiter, Precision Maximizer, Oxford Inflator, Blackbox, Elysia Aplha Compressor and whole Plugin Aliance bundle,  Empiric Labs Distressor, BX Subsynth, LA2A, Pultec, Ozone 9, VSS3 etc.

Arco, Ladida, Fatty M, Ian Metty, Dj Ultrafino, Milan Spiller, Agu, Nitrous, Pink Concrete, Adam a Nicola Cloud, Electrom, Snooze Lee, Radec, Chuck and others