Type B.

Type B. is a producer and dj from Moscow. He began his musical career 15 years ago and
performed in various genres of electronic music, from house to drum’n’bass. In 2018, he thoroughly
switched to ro-minimal, deeptech, micro house and began his career as a music producer. Over the
past two years, from 2021 to date, he has released more than 50 releases on various European and
Russian labels. Released on such labels as Welter Records, Innocent Music, Don’t Play Recordings,
Moving Pictures, Wachufleiva, Totoyov Music, MOIRA Audio, Matilda Label, Sezonaz, Defora,
Innocent Music, EXPmental Records and many others. Frequent guest on London radio “Bloop”. One
of the ideologists of the label “Concept Family Session” (Moscow).